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Our Mission is to provide people with disabilities solutions for living so they can have hope for a better future, are empowered towards independence, and succeed in pursuing functional goals. Our Vision is that Occupational Therapy becomes recognized for all that it is and all that it can offer as a comprehensive and cost-effective health care solution.  Further, our firm, driven by caring, passion and integrity, will lead in the delivery of these services across Ontario.

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Occupational therapy is a health profession that assists people with all forms of disability – physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, or developmental, to function as independently and safely as possible in all life roles. Occupational therapists strive to assist people to resume or maintain participation in tasks that they consider meaningful under the domains of personal care, productivity and leisure. Our treatment is often in the form of direct client intervention at home, work or school. We provide education, creative solutions to functional problems, equipment, and hands on treatment to rectify the impact of physical, cognitive or emotional disability in all environments.  Check out the videos on our LEARN page for more information about what we do and how we help! In Ontario, we are regulated by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario which regulates our practice requirements to ensure we are fulfilling our professional duties and are adhering to our required code of conduct.

If you are hospitalized as a result of an illness or injury and this causes a resulting disability, you will likely be referred to an occupational therapist while in hospital. This person will clearly explain their role and will work with your overall rehabilitation team in order to facilitate your discharge. Should you continue to require occupational therapy once discharged, your hospital therapist will likely arrange these services through the local Community Care Access Centre (or CCAC) (should no other funding sources be applicable). Alternatively, if you feel that you or a relative require occupational therapy services, you can self-refer to your local CCAC or can discuss your needs with your doctor. Feel free to call us and we will help you to determine if you have funding available for occupational therapy. However, additional information about funding is as follows: The Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) will provide community-based occupational therapy services, however the wait is long and the services in many regions are limited. If you are receiving Ontario Disability Support Pension (ODSP), often they will fund occupational therapy services to prescribe equipment that is available through ODSP and the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). Entwistle Power can provide privately funded ODSP occupational therapy assessments if waiting for the CCAC is not optimal. ADP is a program that provides 75% funding for some equipment for people that qualify. To qualify, you need to be assessed by an occupational therapist and we provide these services privately if public funding for the same is not available. People may also be able to access occupational therapy through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) if applicable. For children, many regions have publicly funded pediatric programs with therapists trained to provide developmental or rehabilitation services, or school support. You will need to ask your doctor or pediatrician about the services available in your area.  Or, click here to access information about other forms of funding support for pediatric therapy. If you are injured at work, in a car accident, or are off-work because of a disability, you may have private funding for occupational therapy through an insurance company. In that case, call your insurer, or speak to a lawyer if you need clarification on the services available to you.